About us

AMPAR-SILESIA Sp o.o. (Ltd) sells ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, units and equipment.
The core of our business is to provide stock material, complete units, installation materials and comprehensive service to contractors, businesses in the cooling and air conditioning sector and general public.
We offer a wide and constantly upgraded range of products such as ducts, fittings, vents, fans, air conditioners, air handling units with heat recovery, all kinds of auxiliary elements, suspension components, electrical automation and instrumentation.
We operate from our offices in two locations Warsaw and Tychy. Our extensive warehouse area is located in Tychy.
AMPAR-SILESIA was established in 2000 in Mikołów as a small wholesale venue for ventilation industry. With just a few office and warehouse staff to start off, today it’s a thriving company, known not only in Silesia, but also throughout Poland. We currently employ 11 warehouse staff and we have quadrupled the warehouse area from 300m2 to 1600m2.
We provide and organize efficient and speedy transport and delivery service with our own truck or through the network of trusted couriers.
We supply nationally to places such as Częstochowa, Legnica, Walbrzych, Koszalin, Rawa Przemyśl, Zamość and many others. The main customers are Polish and foreign installers, wholesalers, commercial companies and construction companies.

We operate in a dynamic, growing and expanding sector and therefore AMPAR-SILESIA Sp. o.o. Ltd has been working   in order to improve customer service and widen the scope of products on offer.

AMPAR-SILESIA Sp. o.o. as a wholesaler maintains a strong long-term cooperation with renowned manufacturers and importers of ventilation systems. Our top providers list includes amongst many others:
ALNOR, LINDABBERLINERLUFT – ducts and spiro elements
RDJ KLIMA, SMAY – grills and diffusers
MERCOR, SMAY – fire protection,
WALRAVEN, NICZUK METAL – suspension systems
SALDA UAB, VENTS GROUP – AHUs, fans and ventilation elements

In 2012, AMPAR-SILESIA Sp. z o.o. opened its sales office in Warsaw and became the representative of these European leaders of ventilation and humidification:
NORDMANN Engineering GmbH – electrode steam humidifiers,
NICOTRA GEBHARDT GmbH – radial fans, smoke extraction
VENPLAST – chemical proof fans
AREM FANS – axial fans, smoke extraction

AMPAR-SILESIA strives to provide the best blend of professional expertise in the field of ventilation and cooling systems with outstanding customer  service and care.